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Monthly Feature - Poetry

Each month we feature a poem from one of our previous issues here on the website.

You and Me

by Karabo G. Khatleli

If I wasn't a bride of the effervescent moon

A hill built out of old religion and lost power

A temple for the child, the mother the moon and the holy grail

If I weren't a melody in the wind

Heavenly quarters of the living stars, and breathe of the gods

Then maybe I’d wallow in mediocrity

And ask my peace, where have you gone?

If the lilies didn't grow where I stood

If boars didn't lightly nod to my periphery

And if I wasn't magic

An endless force of constant rebirth but never death

Braced duality of the god and the beast, the best of both

If dust didn't settle like specks of gold on my palm

And if I didn't acknowledge myself in it: the wildfire,

the dainty doe, the glaring hound, the light of day, and the holy sacrament

Perhaps my potent seeds would scream me awake

Into divinity, one step at a time, gloved and kept

But I am all that, I know the goddess

The caped priestess rushing into the ruins

I know the embellishments of the soul, the beauty of the tides

The absence of damnation, the caution and the mother,

The passive and the child, the omnipresent and the moon,

The learning spirit and the holy grail

I know to be impeccable in my existence

Karabo is a writer based in Lesotho, Maseru. She passionately writes poetry centered around emotions and the human experience. She is currently working as a Laboratory Analyst and has a background in Bsc Biology and chemistry. She writes part time while celebrating art in literature with local poets and script writers.